living in Manoogian

Now that we are trying to adjust back to our normal schedules, shedding those holiday pounds and reorganizing our lives for 2015 to meet and exceed our resolutions. Coming home from the holiday was harder than I expected due to the quick switch in weather. I went from 9 degrees Celsius to -30 degrees Celsius in a matter of a day, leaving me wanting to stay in bed all day.

However, life does have to go on and I am in the process on equipping myself to survive the rest of this polar vortex and come out on top. Lauren Manoogian gets me and I seriously would trade everything in my wardrobe for Manoogian. Based out of New York, the designer focuses on jewelry and knitwear.  Effortless, cozy and casual, the collection is ready to wear. These three are staple pieces in my wardrobe are helping me get through this crazy weather. Manoogian knows how to do cozy and do it well. #TeamCozy for the win.
Trapezoid Dress
Capote Coat
Arch Pants