This weekend was a weekend I actually had time to do what I wanted. A weekend without work, just pure focus on myself. I got to shoot the knit blankets that I'm working on (stay tuned) and have some major catch up with my girl friend Joanne. We were discussing the craziness of life and she whipped out a small black book that she had picked up from the post office before meeting me. It was like it was meant to be.

It's a book she thinks EVERYONE needs to own. an frankly, after flipping through the pages, I think that everyone including myself needs a copy. The book is Become by Emery Allen. The book, best described by the author "...is a collection of soft poems that I wrote while becoming, for the ones who are doing the same." Joanne described it as a "warm hug when your mom isn't there to give you one."

The way I see things is that we are always becoming. How boring would it be to just be stagnant? The one on the right side of the page is something I've managed to gain this past year and I hope you do too.