world premiere: advanced style

A huge fan of documentaries, the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto is well on its way. Last night was the world premiere of the documentary based on the blog, Advanced Style. Paired with the short film, You Won't Regret That Tattoo, waiting in line for an hour was well worth it.

If you aren't familiar with the blog Advanced Style, it's based around the older stylish women of New York. I felt humbled to be in the presence of blog creator Ari Seth Cohen, the director Lina Plioplyte who made the blog come to life, and four lovely ladies who were featured in the film. Dressed to the nines and fully in their element, it was inspiring to hear these women speak out about style. Vivacious, bubbly and full of personality, these women were comfortable with who they were and it definitely showed in their over-the-top style. Most of these women were decked out in vintage pieces from every era. They truly believe that you don't need to spend much to be stylish - I couldn't agree more. A love for life, these women inspired the audience - we all have something to look forward to as we age.

My favorite was Joyce Carpati, an 80-something year old. Generally draped in black and pearls. The epitome of classic elegance. I would love to be the granddaughter to this opera singing grandmother

View the extended trailer: