texture play

I'm a sucker for textures mainly because I tend to be a tonal dresser.Over half of my wardrobe is black and white, a quarter is grey and neutral and last than a quarter would be pops of color.

Being in this polar vortex, it's hard to get creative with your wardrobe. However, texture is the solution to your winter woes. My favorite textures of the moment include neoprene, fur and bonded wool, combining these fabrics with pieces that are unlikely and create unique shapes.

Not only is neoprene on trend, it's a functional fabric. Both waterproof, breathable and light. This fabric plays a perfect roll in the negative temperatures and creates interesting, architectural shapes when worn as a garment.

Fur is forever a classic. When you are having one of those I-have-nothing-to-wear days, an easy way to stay warm and cozy while maintaining a luxury appeal is throwing on fur.

Bonded wool easily explained is wool bonded with another type of material. It generally is tight knit, water repellent and light. Bonding wool creates a stiffer felt-like texture that holds its shape for years. It keeps the heat in while looking modern and adding texture to your everyday outfits. 

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