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It's been far too long since I've posted and I'm solely to be blamed. I've been home for the holidays since the beginning of December and have been on a rampage trying to cram everything possible into this trip. 

When I visited a few of my best friends at my unbiasedly favorite store in Vancouver, The Board of Trade Co, I fell in love with a Vladamir Kareev Vest Coat. Everytime I went in store, I had to put it on. It was like it was meant to be in my wardrobe. So after I finished Christmas shopping, I decided that it was meant to be mine! I purchased mine in black and let me tell you, it's everything. The material is beyond luxurious. Although it's so simple, the thought process is behind the garment is a piece of art.

I am simply obsessed with the collection. I went to WOMAN NYC and got the chance to see what's in store for spring. Let me tell you - it's beyond magnificent. All pieces are handmade, making each piece one of a kind. Definitely a designer to keep your eye on, I'm looking forward for Vladamir's future collections.