interview: SOOP SOOP

When I have time, I love perusing through thrift shops and second hand stores. It's amazing the things you can find! I started following Soop Soop when it opened its doors online and wrote a brief article on The Style Spy about the online retailer. Their 80s and 90s aesthetic finds are so fun and definitely take you on a trip down memory lane.

One day when I was riding my bike, I spotted a shop in the middle of a neighbourhood with a big S on the door. It made me take a second look and then I realized that indeed the Soop Soop retail store! I had to stop by. That's where I met Christina. The owner of Soop Soop. Her genuine and personable demeanor got us chatting, and the next thing you know, we spent an afternoon of creating our favorite vintage outfits from the store. Learn more about Christina and find out the history of Soop Soop and her sustainable collection.

Above are three outfits which Christina and I styled with pieces from the store's vintage collection and the Soop Soop House Line. I fell in love with the outfits that I had to take two of the pieces for myself. Take your time and browse through each piece. There are tons of hidden gems!

Store Hours:
Wednesday - Saturday 12PM-7PM
Sunday 12PM-5PM
Online 24/7

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