interview: wednesday with wwake

On the hunt for inspiration & something new, I fell in love with WWAKE. Better yet, the girl behind it all, Wing Yau. Wing creates simplistic, handcrafted jewelry leaving you with a raw and contemporary feeling. I got a chance to meet with the artistic creator behind the brand, and let me tell you, she is even more interesting than her pieces. And that says ALOT.

The ones which I fell in love with and personally own are the Ladder Necklace in burnished gold and the Amena Four Necklace in black. Why? Because each piece speaks for itself as a statement piece and I simply adore the edgy and natural feel behind the line.

Chatting with Wing, she let me into her brand, her inspiration and her thoughts. I can't emphasize on what a fan I am, and I can't wait to see what WWAKE will bring us in the future.

Check out the DETAILS, PICTURES & PERSONAL PROFILE behind the brand: