dress this way s'il vous plait

Love having a long weekend. It feels like we haven't had one of these weekends for a really long time! Long weekends can always be hard to dress for because you want to use your time wisely and do everything all at once. This outfit is perfect for a spring transition from day to night.

This DTWSVP is dedicated to crop tops. Although they have been trending for a while, we have yet to really seen people baring their midriffs. The last time I showed my midriff was when Britney Spears was at her peak. Then tops started getting longer, and now it looks like they're chopping off the extra fabric again! Although your mid is bare, you can still make the outfit look classy. Try it over the weekend for some extra fun and flirtatiousness. Be sure to top it off with a top bun for the complete clean look!

TOPSHOP Lace Corset Style Top $45
Acne Contact Wash Satin Trouser $350
Rosegold Wedges Ali $193
Balenciaga Motorcycle Jacket $2640
Park Avenue Chunky Pearl Necklace $123