friday inspiration: diamond in the rough

I've been admiring the rock/mineral/semi-precious stone jewelry lately, but not really sure if I could pull it off. Some pieces are so intense! It all started when I was in Gastown and went into Nouvelle Nouvelle, where I came across Adina Mills' collection. Admired, but not 100% sold.

Billy Bride's collection is amazing. It's intricate, delicate and something that sparkles. Billy Bride has created a collection for Karen Walker which is only available in New Zealand. So if you're in New Zealand and find these gems, you're more than welcome to ship them over to me.

All the materials are made in Australia, out of Australian materials, and I love how none of the pieces are identical. This makes them unique and simply gorgeous.

1) Eyre Quartz Pendant $565
2) Sorra Citrine Ring $520
3) Azar Emerald Ring $578