Erica Weiner necklaces

I was browsing around the other day when I saw these intricate, yet simple, rustic pieces by Erica Weiner at Club Monaco. I was so intrigued, I took pictures for myself and fell in love with the necklaces when I checked out the website.

New York based, Erica Weiner makes every piece absolutely amazing. Some of the collection is vintage. Some of it looks vintage. But it's each delicate and individual piece which is made oh so special. They are so delicate and gorgeous and I absolutely love how you can make some of the pieces unique. Above are a few of my favorites (clockwise from top left): 

Double Letter Press Necklace $65: You can get two letters of your own put on this necklace. Although hidden,it makes them personalized and adds just that added uniqueness to the piece. 

Button Necklace $75:  Cute as a button. It represents textiles, and sewing which I love. 

Scissors Necklace $50: This too represents sewing and textile which I really like. It's dangerous, yet has a delicate appeal. 

Secret Ring Necklace $40: I just love the idea of this secret ring necklace. It's personalized because you can get up to 30 characters inscribed on the inside of the band. Until it is looked at really closely, you can wear your secret close to your heart. Love the idea. It reminds me of the In God We Trust Sweet Nothing necklace I featured previously.