dress this way s'il vous plait

I was searching through Top Shop's website looking for inspiration and boy was I inspired. Well in love really if you could be in love with clothes. I first saw this boyfriend coat and I immediately thought of DTWSVP, knowing I just had to have it in here.

What I really love about this outfit is really the mix of colors. It goes to show that you don't have to wear matchy matchy pieces to have a good looking outfit. I think it's rather boring. I like to mix up different colors which complement one another such as this.

1) Drop Arm Boyfriend Coat $117
2) Segment Collar $25.80
3) Knitted Merino Ribbed Jumper $72
4) Washed Silk Slim Shirt $63
5) Oxblood Belted Tapered Trousers $65
6) ABE Ultimate Chelsea Boot $96