sweet nothings

I don't know what it is about jewelry lately, but I have definitely been hunting more and more for accessories. My friend was wearing this necklace that I noticed was kind of vintage, and in faded engraving said "Kiss Me Where I Pee". Pretty raunchy for such a delicate piece. I found out it was In God We Trust and have been obsessing since.

I've been checking out their website but it was under construction for a while and I was dying to blog about it. So after a month they have FINALLY brought their site to life and I can FINALLY feature their Sweet Nothing necklaces on my site.

There are many sayings, most quite dirty but they are very unique, simple and cute. You can even get your own saying engraved which I love. The necklaces are $50 each. What is engraved is pretty ballsy I'd have to say, but can be hidden which I like. The picture above is a collection of the "clean" ones, so check them out yourselves!