necessity accessory: golden spikes

Aside from lighting up the Maybach which is what EVERYONE is talking about when it comes to this music video, I of course noticed the jewelry which the models are wearing in the back of the car. Not only do they look like they are having a blast, they aren't your typical "video hoes". In fact they definitely have style.

Can we PLEASE take a look at those gorgeous bracelets that I want but can't find? If anyone knows the brand of these bracelets and where I can get them, please please please let me know!!

Instead I have alternatives by CCSkye, but they don't exactly have the same affect as these chunky gold bangles. I love how thick they are and how much they stand out. Definitely an outfit show stopper.

I've been looking high and low ever since the music video came out, so if you know, please do share. I love CCSkye jewelry. Their webpage, and their style. But since we're on the theme of gold and spikes, I though I would feature some of their golden spikes.

Link 1) Double Header Spike Bracelet $150
2) Iconic Metal Double Wrap Screw Bracelet $200
3) Mini Spike Bracelet $125