dress this way s'il vous plait

I had a bit of an inspiration block, but I think I've got it back! I was checking out the Madewell site and found a bunch of things I liked, creating the perfect prep + casual Fall outfit.
I was really inspired by this vintage looking back pack. They are so in right now and I am simply hunting for the right one. No more side bag problems or an aching shoulder. I feel like ever since The Row launched their handbag line with their $39 000 backpack, they have become a micro trend for sure. Perfect timing for back to school.

Of course I hunted around the Madewell site and was inspired by the preppy collection. Simplicity is key and I feel like Madewell has it down to a tee. Great pieces for a casual/chic look.

1) Seedstitch Sweatshirt $65
2) Shrunken Chambray Boyshirt $78
3) The Leather Railway Rucksack $235
4) Skinny Skinny Jeans in Eastern $98.50
5) The Bed|Stu Aunt Bettie Boat Shoe $70
6) Fielder Jacket $168