friday inspiration: color block

Ever since the Gucci Spring 2011 show, bold colors made a statement come back. I am usually the type of person who strays away from bright colors, but I'm definitely loving the bold solid colors combined together. It started off with a black and white color block trend, and now it seems like this season has brought back the magentas, turquoises, purples, and blues.

I have definitely fallen in love with the trend, but mainly towards brightly tinted pants/bottoms/denim.

Aritzia is carrying some amazing J Brand 811s right now for $176 in various colors which are amazing if you haven't seen them. Topped with white and another bold colored blazer would look phenomenol. Not to mention a pair of great heels and a skinny colored belt to top off the look. Just a tip aside, Zara has a large range of colorful pieces you can mix and match if you're going for a slightly more formal look with a bright shade.

It has been a mild summer in Vancouver, and I'm waiting for the right time to debut the look!