Aritzia's Fall Preview...

... has me missing Fall. The layered garments, the warm colors, actually putting an outfit together. Ah. It has been such a mild summer in Vancouver, meaning we should be stocking up on Fall clothing now! Excited for the loose flowy pieces and playing with different textures and fabrics the coming season.

Aritzia has released a Fall preview last week to give us a glimpse into what is to come for the Autumn months.

1) Wilfred Baye Tunic Dress $165
This amazing piece is perfect from it's color, to the length, to the style. The small details of this tunic including the pocket trend carrying on from Spring/Summer make it a good piece to keep in your closet. Not to mention, paired with leather leggings and statement heels due to the simplicity of the outfit, will make this garment an amazing Fall selection. Plus I am a sucker for collars.

2) Wilfred Free Kalos Cape $195
Although it may feel like Summer for you readers, Vancouver's Sun has decided to stay away a little longer. I definitely could be using this cape for the morning commute over my outfits.

3) Wilfred Cordelia Tunic Dress $135
This Wilfred piece is a definite go to piece in your closet. The neutral color, simplicity, and small touches really does this piece justice. It is a good go to piece in your closet to dress up for cocktails, or just another day at work.

Oh the anticipation!