kenta marshusige

Awarded the Grand Prix du Jury Première Vision for the 29th Hyères Festival, Kenta Marshusige's Hinabi Collection gives hope for the rest of winter. The designer based in Tokyo was inspired by architecture of Japanese museums for the FW14 season. The lines, details and use of neutrals is well executed.  See the rest of the collection.


hachung lee

Coming into my own, I finally feel like I'm understanding and appreciating my Asian background, including my taste and references. This has been and occuring theme, not only with food, but style and design. I discovered Hachung Lee through one of my favorite shopping sites and retail stores, La Garçonne. This line began in 2012 inspired by menswear and unisex dressing. The Korean collection is dedicated to an androgynous aesthetic. I thought I lost the love for asymmetry, however, Hachung Lee carries out asymmetric lines in a refreshing way. The perfectly draped garments are only stocked in three stores around the world. Still new to the game, this collection is one to put on your radar.


dress this way s'il vous plait

Last year, spring didn't make an appearance - it literally went from snowing one week to summer temperatures the next. I no longer know how to dress living in -40 degrees Celsius, so I'm back to playing dress up online. It's always hard finding the best pair of boyfriend denim. The ones that look effortless, however, still have a feminine appeal. The 6397 Loose Skinny Jeans are a classic pair of jeans that can save any day and are the answer to, "what shall I wear today?" This outfit was built around this beauty of a pair. So if you are ever questioning what to wear on a day which may lead you into fun and adventure, always build your outfit around the perfect pair of pants. For a casual day of wandering, brunch or coffee date, always opt for effortless. Now for the real question, is the polar vortex over yet?


claudia bertini

In a critical fashion month, I stumbled upon a collection based in Switzerland. Looking off of the runway, I found Claudia Bertini's beautiful line dedicated to classic and contemporary clothing. Tied to a hint of minimal feminity, this independent designer makes a one size fits all collection in a simple color palette. The well structure garments are pieces I would trade pieces out of my wardrobe for. Is it spring yet? 


Honor the space between
no longer and not yet.



living in Manoogian

Now that we are trying to adjust back to our normal schedules, shedding those holiday pounds and reorganizing our lives for 2015 to meet and exceed our resolutions. Coming home from the holiday was harder than I expected due to the quick switch in weather. I went from 9 degrees Celsius to -30 degrees Celsius in a matter of a day, leaving me wanting to stay in bed all day.

However, life does have to go on and I am in the process on equipping myself to survive the rest of this polar vortex and come out on top. Lauren Manoogian gets me and I seriously would trade everything in my wardrobe for Manoogian. Based out of New York, the designer focuses on jewelry and knitwear.  Effortless, cozy and casual, the collection is ready to wear. These three are staple pieces in my wardrobe are helping me get through this crazy weather. Manoogian knows how to do cozy and do it well. #TeamCozy for the win.
Trapezoid Dress
Capote Coat
Arch Pants


baiiiii, twenty fourteen

2014 changed shape and form in my life many times over.

Most friends despised the year, but I really appreciated what it brought in my life. I really lived life this year, not in the live-everyday-like-it-is-your-last kind of way, but in the way I wanted to. Although the first half of the year I felt like I hit a wall, and then the wall crumbled down on me, I learned to pick up the pieces. In other words, had a major quarter life crises and hit an ultimate low. I'm so glad that it did happen, because I couldn't be more at peace and happy with life than I am now. I don't think anyone can understand the feeling until you have truly gotten to this point, but I wish it upon all of you going into 2015. Like last year, here are a few tidbits of 2014. 

This year I've officially...

1) Dyed my hair gray then chopped it off - part of my quarter life crisis but I undeniably enjoyed it. 2) Kept myself in good company.
3) Never felt more lost in life.
4) Got a new job that I absolutely love.
5) Am finally enjoying Toronto for what it is.

Needless to say, it's crazy how much you can do and change as a person in 365 days. Surround yourself with the things you love and discard the rest.

I hope your 2015 flows with your desires more than your champagne glass at midnight.